Official Blog Dedication

I am hereby officially dedicating this blog to my journey out of hopelessness, financial devastation, depression, poverty, confusion, and total bottom-of-the-barrel failure.

I do feel like I’m at rock bottom right now. Massive legal trouble on a federal level, debt, not enough money, family troubles, a stubbed toe, and poison oak on my fingers, are all wrapped in a nice thick creamy triple layer mess of guilt for how and why I am such a total fuck-up.

I’m sure there is a deeper rock bottom. I could be an alcoholic or drug addict which thankfully I am not. I get drug tested every month which keeps me from smoking weed to numb out the pain. I have a roof over my head, even if it is only a canvas one in my yurt in Northern California. Okay, things could be way worse. And perhaps that’s one positive step in my journey of out of the bottom of the barrel – realizing that my barrel isn’t all that bad. It could be way worse. Other people’s barrels are really nasty. Mine’s just inconvenient.

I have lots to write about. But I’m going to roll with the main topic of this post for now, the blog dedication. If I am going to document and use myself as a sort of case study for getting out of hopelessness, financial ruin, depression, etc., then where am getting into? If this is a journey, than what is my goal?

I guess the biggie for me is financial freedom. I want to be out of debt, I want enough money to pay for bills and ultimately I want to really love what I do. Okay, I’m going to use the word “want” a lot here. I want my passive income to exceed my monthly expenses so I don’t have to “9-5” it every week and bust my ass in the hot sun in between calls from collection agencies.  So that’s my goal. How do I get there?

I’m going to end here. I now have a blog dedicated to the chronicling my journey out of financial ruin into financial freedom. I have a goal I am moving towards (hopefully) and an intention that this blog will help others who are in a similar situation. How I get where I’m going will be the topic of upcoming posts. Thanks for being a part of my journey.



About Kapila
I blog mainly from my Yurt in Northern California. No I don't grow pot, but my run-in with the Federalies in '09 for doing just that has sparked a fire in me to write about living a life that TRULY MATTERS. It is my intention to further inspire myself and others to abandon the normal robot-drone living model and adopt an passionate Taoist life of ever-expanding freedom.

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