Sunday Guidance

As part of this blog I am going to post a guidance post on most days of the week. These posts will consist of a dialogue with “G” as I call him. “G” of course stands for guidance and he is the voice of intelligence that lives in me (and you) and knows exactly what to do. G is the supercomputer, the Holy Spirit, the voice of God if you will. G is the “higher self”, intuition, the voice of Love and Truth. These posts will serve as a valuable resource in the journey out of rock bottom to financial freedom.

K: So what’s the guidance for today? It’s Sunday. What can I do to help me reach my goal?

G: Take the day off and do what you love. Run, read, watch movies, putz around in your garden. Don’t work on things that stress you. For today, if what you are about to do or doing is creating stress, don’t do it. Give yourself this one day to feel relaxed. By avoiding stress you will allow your body the opportunity to heal and re-calibrate so that this coming week will be more enjoyable and fun.

Don’t clean if you don’t want to, don’t weed if you don’t want to, don’t rest if you don’t want to. Just let this day be a time for you to re-charge. Don’t think or strategize or deal with to-do lists today regarding your business or work or major responsibilities. Just chill out and recharge.

If you start to get stressed out and think you have to “do things”, remember an image of a cord plugged into an electrical socket. You are being charged up so you can’t expend all you energy during this time. Chill out. Relax. Enjoy your day.

K: It’s father’s day, I just remembered!

G: All the more reason to give this to yourself. By giving this to yourself you are giving this to your family, your friends, your community, and your world. Receive the gift that this day is.

Action Steps:

1. Relax

2. Just for today, avoid doing things that create stress and which are un-enjoyable.

3. Be reminded of the focus of the day with the image of a cord plugged into a power source.

K: Thanks G. I’m on it!

G: No problem. Enjoy!


About Kapila
I blog mainly from my Yurt in Northern California. No I don't grow pot, but my run-in with the Federalies in '09 for doing just that has sparked a fire in me to write about living a life that TRULY MATTERS. It is my intention to further inspire myself and others to abandon the normal robot-drone living model and adopt an passionate Taoist life of ever-expanding freedom.

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