When there seems to be no way out…

What can I do when there seems to be no way out? When the circumstances in life seem so unbelievably stacked against me that I have no fucking idea what to do from here?

Debt, unemployment, not enough money for food, failure upon failure in business attempts. Fuck man, what can I do?

Well the answer to this question came to me this morning as I lay in bed terror stricken and hopeless… write a blog post.

So here I am and I’m not going to get into details about my current life situation.  That would be utterly boring for you to read and for me to write. I want to get on to the juicy stuff… what’s the good that’s coming out of this MASSIVELY challenging situation? What is this situation teaching me?

First of all, as I write this, I actually can’t help but find some humor in the whole thing. I mean, I’m like this guy who is stumbling around in the dark, grasping and grasping for something to help him know where he is, something to secure him. I am grasping for a light switch in this dark place fraught with obstacles and stumbling blocks. I’ve been stumbling in this dark place for so long now that I am bruised and bloody. I have cried, I have screamed in anger and rage at the unfairness of it all, and now I’m just having an inner chuckle. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Back to the title of this post: “When there seems to be no way out…” laugh. Find humor in the situation. If its so bad its ridiculous, then what a great part of the movie huh? What else could possibly go wrong? Well there’s probably something. And I might as well enjoy the comedy.

That’s all for this post. Hopefully my writing style will improve. But the chances of anyone reading this is so small, I can’t imagine it matters much. Cherio for now!


About Kapila
I blog mainly from my Yurt in Northern California. No I don't grow pot, but my run-in with the Federalies in '09 for doing just that has sparked a fire in me to write about living a life that TRULY MATTERS. It is my intention to further inspire myself and others to abandon the normal robot-drone living model and adopt an passionate Taoist life of ever-expanding freedom.

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