Ending the “Carrot Chase”

Well, yesterday was a break through for me. I followed the Guidance from Sunday’s  “Guidance post” and got a good re-charge. The break through really occurred with my daughter Anathe at the Yuba river. Anathe and I had been in the yurt most of the day and it was time to “do something.” There was minimal gas in my white Nissan hand-me-down truck, and I had no money — in the bank or in cash. So we decided we would just go somewhere and figure it out as we went along.

We ended up at the Yuba river. Armed each with a notebook and pen, Anathe and I played a game where we would write for about 5 minutes and get “guidance” or just jot anything down that came to mind. Anathe wrote magic fairy spells, and I wrote little insights from my Guidance, and got clear on where the next mini-destination on our mini-adventure would be.

Our third spot was a really beautiful little side creek that flowed into the Yuba. This little creek looked like a classic fairy cove. Ferns and moss covered the side banks, miniature water falls created a soothing song, surrounding trees created shade, and there where large flat stones in place to sit and relax.

I felt so peaceful there, so utterly content. Picking up my pen and notebook, this is some of what came through:

If this isn’t wealth, well then my friend, what is? You see, you have been guided here to show that you are already rich. You are already wealthy, and you already have all the money you need. Money really isn’t what it’s about. You can have millions of dollars and still be utterly miserable and poor.

Real wealth is about how you live and enjoy your life. Coming here with one you love is wealth. It’s in living the lifestyle of a rich person. How kind you are to others, taking deep breaths, and creating time to nourish your connection to your Guidance, this is wealth.

I realized while sitting there, amidst the serenity of of this free and simple sacred site, that by acting from this place of inner wealth, the outer wealth will have a much easier time showing up. And it’s so much easier. One of my big tendencies is to grasp for wealth and riches like it’s some carrot dangling on a string always in front of me. I think that when I get my business going, then I can have this, then my life will be happy, then things will work out, then I can live the life I want.

One of the biggest principles in getting out of rock bottom and financial ruin lies in not chasing the carrot anymore. Wealth and fulfillment can never live in the future, it can only live now. Grasping for the future when things “will be better” can only cause sorrow and suffering.

So with this in mind… what about goals? What about striving for more money and creating a business and having aspirations? Is all that just not healthy?

Of course not! The thing is that the quality of these goals and aspirations and how they are attained is enhanced when I start from a place of already having enough. Goals and aspirations serve my present moment experience by adding excitement and purpose and motivation to my everyday activities. It feels darn good to be working toward something that I know I want in my heart. On the other hand, it feels rotten to be struggling and stressing over getting things done and grasping for what I need to be happy.

Instead of being like a hampster on a wheel, chasing and chasing and going nowhere, I choose to be like an adventurer. I enjoy every step of the journey.

I am reminded of the “Be-Do-Have” principle I learned from Neal Donald Walsh’s Conversations with God. The idea is to be the end result of what you want, to feel the way you would if the goal were already accomplished. Then you do the actions to manifest that goal in the outer world, then you have it. Truly, this is the way to go, because the opposite way, the way most of us have been conditioned, is to get the thing and then be happy about it, aka carrot chasing.

So the journey out of financial ruin and rock bottom could be distance of a simple shift in awareness. Perhaps what created all these external financial troubles in my life has been the chasing and grasping and “not-enough-ing”.

I tell you dear reader, I am done with that. Life is too short to waste my time on the hampster wheel…

May my actions come from a place of “enough-ness” and gratitude.
May I “live wealth now”, regardless of any apparent external contradiction.
May I embody Be-Do-Have all day long.



About Kapila
I blog mainly from my Yurt in Northern California. No I don't grow pot, but my run-in with the Federalies in '09 for doing just that has sparked a fire in me to write about living a life that TRULY MATTERS. It is my intention to further inspire myself and others to abandon the normal robot-drone living model and adopt an passionate Taoist life of ever-expanding freedom.

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