The Greatest Advice in the Entire Universe.

I don’t know.

No, really. I don’t know.

I don’t know is the final conclusion of all the ramblings and figuring out of the intellect, the climactic eschaton of thought.

I don’t know is the sweet bliss of liberation. It is surrender to True Wisdom which is beyond.

So the function of thought has been mis-handled, mis-assigned by most people for most of history.

The function of thought, or the intellect, which is our capacity to reason and figure, well this function is not really “where-its-at” so to speak.

The intellect’s most intelligent capacity lies in its ability to surrender to the Unknown and Unknowable. The “Great I Don’t Know”.

Therefore, the best advice I could ever give anyone, would be to arrive at the understanding that:

…you really don’t know a thing about anything,

…and that you as a thinker are actually totally limited and as a thinker you are caught in a spinning hampster wheel of delusion.

Thought is like a pinball just hitting and bouncing against bumbers and lights and whistles and never really accomplishing anything at all.


…there’s something beyond thought, isn’t there? There is a Real Intelligence which is True Knowing and Understanding, and this Intelligence can only be found in…

…the silence beyond thought.

How do I stop thought and access this Intelligence then?

Sorry but…

…you can’t.

Why? Because “I” is a thought. A thought can’t stop a thought because it’s a thought. And this is where it gets really hard to talk about.

So, I’ll just say that it’s not a big deal.

You may experiment by indulging in the possibility that thoughts just may not be of any real intelligence or meaning.

Thoughts may seem like they are expressing solid truths and facts, but investigate for yourself if in fact they have any truth to them at all.

I have found that they are just distortions mostly and not worth paying much time or attention to.

Instead, look what is left after a thought dissolves under the light of your awareness. This means…

  1. look at the arising thought.
  2. Discover if its really even true at all.
  3. See what’s left as that thought disappears.

It’s as if thinking is a blanket cast before our eyes, or a blindfold. We focus on this obstruction and ooh and aah at it. But how about getting a peak beyond the blindfold, then what?

When the blindfold of thought is dropped we can then see what’s really in the room. 

We drop this blindfold when we notice gradually that that our thinking isn’t getting us anywhere and it in fact never has.

When we realize our dreams and aspirations and plans and futures and tie-ups with the past stories of our made-up selves are absolutely meaningless, then we FINALLY get to the eschaton of all thought:

“holy Shit…. I just don’t know. I actually can’t know. I don’t have the capacity to know.”

And this is a glorious moment indeed.

Because when I see that I don’t know, I begin to surrender to the Unknown and Unknowable Mystery which does not speak in words. This Mystery can more accurately be described as a frequency which can be accessed by tuning into the spaces between or beyond thought.

And to explore this realm is an adventure indeed. An adventure which trumps all adventures in this world of form. This is the inner adventure and you don’t have to go anywhere…. you just have to go away.

The Silent Beyond Unknowable Mystery Frequency is the Ultimate Medicine.

Touching this vastness just once can dissolve all problems, heal all disease, and transform any affliction.

This is why the first principle in A Course in Miracles states:

There is no order of difficulty in miracles.
One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another.
They are all the same.”

The “miracle” is the expression of the frequency of the Mystery, the beyond “I” and thought. It is what happens when thought is surrendered. It is what happens when we see that the best that thought can do for us is to help us get to “I don’t know”.

This essay was inspired to me as I laid in bed earlier this evening tossing and turning beneath the blind-fold of thought.

“What about this project and that person, what about what she’s doing, oh how horrible, and ooh, I’m so excited about doing this and that tomorrow, but urgh, I have to do that, and I might go to jail anyway, oh my GOD!”

The mechanism of thought finally became so blatantly dis-functional that I realized “I don’t know about any of it at all.”

I got up and began writing.

The “I don’t know” realization came like a cool breeze, a gentle shower of Grace, cooling and relaxing my tormented mind. Future disappears, along with past, and there’s just…

…a Frequency resonating that is Life itself.

So, try it!

That’s my gift to you. Entertain this silly idea that you may not actually have a clue about anything at all.

It just may lead you to the cool well you’ve been so thirsty for:)