So seriously, what is this blog about anyway?

First of all, if you have read any of my previous blog posts, I apologize for allowing my topics to bounce around like this… I mean, what is this blog about anyway? Self help, or blogging, or Taoism/Advaita Vedanta, or what?

Well, I think it’s turning into a blog about the fusion of all three.

I only ask for your patience as I let this child of mine settle into the form it wants to be of the most service to all bloggers and life-forms on this planet.

Since I started blogging (like two weeks ago) my life has seriously taken a turn for the upswing. So obviously I want to share my passion about blogging. At the same time, blogging has created a platform for me to put into practice many of the tools I have gathered on my journey in personal development and Advaita.

What is Advaita?

Advaita means “not two”. It is also known as non-duality, and..

…it provides huge relief by cutting human suffering off at the knees.

Advaita is an invitation to entertain the idea that, just maybe, this story that is constantly churning in our heads is not actually who we are.

That… just maybe, what we are is not totally contained in these separate bodies.

That…just maybe this struggle to acquire and achieve (whether spiritual or material) is a struggle to “get” what is already here.

Advaita doesn’t just preach that this is the case, it offers an invitation called self-inquiry asking us to just find out what this “I” (that is at the root of all our stories and problems and beliefs)… is.

Self-inquiry leads us to see that this “I” we believe ourselves to be, is actually nothing but a thought, and that thought must arise from somewhere. That “somewhere” turns out to be a mystery that cannot be touched by any word or description of any kind. It is beyond pleasure and pain, it is beyond suffering, and beyond anything manifest. It is home base, it is source, it is God …. our True Nature, who we really are… but words only point to the actual present moment, amazingly simple, experience of That, or rather… This.

WHoa…. I know that’s getting a little deep isn’t it?

And what the hell kind of good will this do for me?

Well, this is where the fusion takes place.

I’m sure we have all plunged into the great works of the personal development field at some point or other. Come on, fess up; affirmations, goals, vision boards, life coaches, law of attraction, manifesting your dream life, etc… you know you’ve tried it.

I actually really love that kind of stuff. I love Tony Robbins, and just ordered his course, “The Ultimate Edge” I love the movie the Secret, and Abraham, and Napoleon Hill and even Zig Ziglar. I think positively, set goals, and do all those things.


If the non-dual approach points to the realization that I am that which I am seeking, materially and spiritually, that all aspiration is only towards that which is already here, that I already am….

Then what in the is the point of doing anything at all? Why not just sit on my ass and watch Netflix all day long?

I struggled with this seeming dichotomy for many years. And I think this blog is a resolution of that struggle:

“How do I merge Advaita Vedanta and personal developement strategies?”

The answer gives juice to both sides of the equation.


Since I am already that which I am aspiring for, then my whole life, my goals, my aspirations, my activities, my “dream life” can be an expression of the incorruptible, unfathomable, miraculous Truth that I AM!

Then, my apparent journey in this world of work, relationships, finance, purpose — all the issues of life, including the obstacles which arise as a goal is attained, all this is far more easy to endure and cope with when I know — when I have the tangible experience and knowing, that…

…I am already totally, perfectly, complete and whole.

I am already that which I want. Instead of this realization making me lazy, this realization supports strength and determination to accomplish and express the physical reflection of my True Nature — which is the Perfect and complete Source of all.

Believe it or not, I will confess that there is yet another reason I am writing this blog, and that is… I really want to get better at communicating this.

This is simple stuff, so simple! but so deep compared to what a normal conversation sounds like.

So please, leave a comment. Even if you think I am babbling on and being incoherent, please tell me, because that will help me get better at sharing my message, which I know is needed in this world at this time.

So I hope this blog is helpful to you. I hope this fusion can help you find deeper meaning,  peace, purpose and joy in this world during these challenging times.

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Thank you so much for your time, and feel free to contact me on the contact page with any other kinds of questions.

At your service,




The greatest gift I can give you…

doorway to spaceI AM…

…not interested in being another blogger out there who promises to make your life better.

I don’t want to promise you everlasting happiness and wealth and provide you with how-to ecourses and ebooks on how to step by step become something or other.
There’s nothing wrong with that stuff, but it’s not my interest at all.

My intention

…is that what you read and experience here will get you to become more aquainted with mystery of timelessness.

What good will that do? you may ask.

The reason I write this is the same reason you read this, is the same reason any of us do anything. All the things we do, the diets we try, the foods we eat, the relationships we stumble into, the Guru’s we follow, the movies we watch, the blogging, the drugs, the adventures… all of it is to get into timelessness.

Timelessness is relief

…from the addiction, the obsessing of future and past and doing and becoming. Timelessness is the relief we are trying to reach in orgasm, in addictions, in TV and movies, internet surfing, career success, meditation, you name it.

The reason we do it is to get relief from the incessant mental engagement of “past-ing” and “future-ing”.
When future is not the primary focus, there arises a great space. When you are no longer strategizing and planning about what you are going to do next, you can actually enjoy the infinite and overwhelming miracle that Life is.

When past is not the primary focus, there arises even more space to actually be alive.

What is left without the psychological neurotic impulse to constantly reject Life by giving it away to a mental dream?

Timelessness. What is left is a Mystery, a wonder, and the end result of all we have always been searching for. Wow.

This is what I offer…

I offer this reminder amidst the sea of wonderful and fascinating banner ads, and e-courses, and video, and how to anything and everything…

…that right here is what we have always been looking for. Right here.

We can act and move and navigate through this world from this knowing, from this remembering. Practicing this is the antidote to grasping and incesant “future-ing”. I can think of nothing that can help you more but this. This is the charm that removes the misery and suffering from life. This is the “pill” we have always been searching for. And it is so simple that it’s easy to pass by…

…after all, it’s just….


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The MPT (most potent tip) on Writing Blog Posts for Newbies

So you want to write a blog, huh?

You know you have some kind of a message, something you want to share with the world, and this urge to put yourself out there can no longer be ignored?

Yeah, that’s it…

And you don’t really know what to do because you are so fresh on the scene that it’s pointless to pretend you actually know what you are doing and sound like some kind of authority… right?

Umm… yes again.

I mean, there are so many people out there who have undoubtedly already written about exactly what you are wanting to write about that you think:Typewriter

“who am I to add more to what has already been said. It’s already been said. And those other people are famous or have been writing for years, and they’re probably better than me, so who am I to write more about what I want to write about?”

Dear newbie blogger, as my good friend and teacher John Sherman would say:

Here’s the thing…

Just write anyway and don’t give a toss about what anyone will think or say about you or your material.

But what do I write about?

In order to answer that you need to know…

The MPT (most potent tip) on blog writing 

Get rid of the “I” and let writing happen on its own without there to be an “I” to meddle with things.


This “I”, this thinker who we usually believe ourselves to be, is riddled with blockages which will only make writing crappy and boring… or even non-existent. This “I” is a collection of all the critical voices of teachers and parents and the general population of limitation. If you notice that you are thinking about what to say… well you are on the wrong track, “you” are in the way.

This is why my blog’s title is JustGetOutoftheWay, because this wisdom is what has allowed me to … well… get the hell out of my own way and allow for the creative spirit to manifest as an offering to the world.

What to write about really is secondary. It’s not that important because it comes later. The topic comes as a bi-product of the initial entering-in to no-self.

It’s not “your” job

Instead of “you” writing and trying to say something important and clever and meaningful and witty and sharp – something other bloggers will ooh and aah at, you make the “you” (or the “I” because it’s really the same thing isn’t it) into a servant of creative spirit.

What’s the creative spirit?

Just a name for the mystery-Intelligencia, the Shakti, the Holy Spirit, the Divine, which is the force of creation, the force which gives beauty to all things. I’m referring to the force which makes birds sing and musicians play and stars shine. The force which makes us dance and takes over when we make love. The force that conducts symphonies of crickets and frogs on summer nights. This force is the real art-director so to speak, and it can’t do it’s job if “you” are in the way. So… just…get… out…of…the…way… 🙂

This Mystery-Shakti-force is like the master writer, the master wizard, and you… you need to be like the little servant who is getting her tea or coffee and making sure she has enough paper and ink and things to write with. It is not your job to jump on the keyboard and start hammering away… god no! Let her, the supreme creative intelligence do that, help her do that, give Her room to do that.

Of course I am talking about this metaphorically and the space and the Tea and coffee are all inner props to help your mind understand that “you” are a servant of the Divine who needs to be allowed to write.

Remember Mickey Mouse when he was the sorcerer’s apprentice? The sorcerer (i.e. The supreme creative force of which I am referring) knows what he is doing. He knows the spells and potions and has his work to do in the world. Mickey is an apprentice, and a servant of the great sorcerer. His job is to make sure the the sorcerer can do his work by keeping the mystical laboratory clean and taking care of things in that way.

Look what happens when little Mickey tries to be a sorcerer! My god, what a mess! He creates a huge mess because his job is not to cast spells and tinker with magic, his job is to serve the sorcerer.

Luckily the sorcerer comes back and straightens things out.

So if you are in the way and doing things you are not meant to be doing, like writing, then you will most likely make a mess… or just a boring blog post.  But don’t worry, the sorcerer will come back and straighten things out if you let him. When your writing starts to get messy – and nothing’s coming out right, or you just don’t know what to say… just remember what your role is… to support and serve the creative spirit, the Mystery of Not-knowing.

You serve THAT and you will find great joy in writing (non-writing) blog posts and content which will be offerings to the world. Your writing will add fragrance to the bloggersphere and will bless your life, and the lives of your readers.