Wealth has nothing to do with money!

I’m trying to figure out what this blog is actually about. I’m trying to figure out what life is actually about. Is a great lifestyle design and passive income really going to fix this discontent, this fear, the worry that keeps dominating my life? How do I overcome fear?

I’m going to turn this post over to Guidance. G, how do I overcome the fear and the self sabotage that I keep experiencing over and over again? I want to wake up early in the morning and I don’t. I want to not eat at night so I can wake up in the morning and I don’t.

G: Why do you eat like that at night?

C: I eat like that because I feel so nervous and overwhelmed. I eat to numb out and calm down.

G: Is there another way you can learn to calm down?

C: I don’t know. It seems like there must be. But, I know I will over eat again despite substituting eating for something else. I feel like there is something deeper, some root problem that is at the core of all of my self-sabotaging behavior and misery that keeps showing up.

G: There is.

C: What is is?

G: Your suffering is a result of your resistance to what is. Let what is be. Let tiredness be. Let a mess be. Let no money be. Let things be without trying to fix and change every damn thing.

You have the ability to choose whether to resist life and suffer or allow what is and be free.

The choice is always available. The choice is always right here.

This seems really simple because it is. You choose to create suffering. You choose to create worry and stress and fear of all kinds. You can choose to create relief. You can choose to be aligned with what is.

C: But what about the money thing? I can’t pay my bills, I work so hard, and just get more and more behind. I hate my work.

G: Okay. Nice story. First of all wealth has nothing to do with money. This is the key to success. Your lack of finances can just as well be a blessing and a source of wealth if you can choose to see it that way. It is the grasping, the resistance to what is, that creates poverty. You can choose poverty or wealth right now. You can choose wealth now.

One of the greatest obstacles to wealth is in the belief that it is what it is not. Wealth is not chandeliers and perfectly matching china and a perfectly clean house. Wealth is not perfectly matching clothes and money in the bank to travel to Bali. Wealth is not even having a fridge full of food. Wealth is not not having to work. Wealth is not having what you think you want or need.

Wealth is not in having your dream job. Even if you had your dream job you would find something to hate about it in week or so as long as you are still resisting what is. You will spoil everything that is a blessing — in fact you are spoiling everything in your life now by resisting what is. If you were thrown right now into the land of milk and honey with everything you could ever want, you would still be miserable due to your habit of resisting and putting happiness and content in the future. “If only…. when I get that… I need to meet that person…. I need more money….”

Stop raining on your parade dear friend! You already have it all.

Wealth is totally, fully, intimately allowing and embracing this very moment exactly as it is appearing!

There is no other wealth than this! Wealth is in inner way, an inner state where attention is established in gratitude for the miraculous appearance of this present moment manifesting as it is.

Entertain this: You are already wealthy at every moment of everday no matter what is happening.

C: Funny as you say this, the collection agency is calling and I am again ignoring the phone.

G: Entertain this: What you are yearning and wanting and grasping for and striving for, whether it is a spiritual state or a material aquisition, what you are wanting is what is already here. You are what you are wanting. You are and now is the ultimate fulfillment of your desires.

C: This may take some practice.

G: Don’t practice, express. Express and exemplify and demonstrate the freedom and fulfillment that you are. This is the first step. All outer accouterments are of secondary importance to this one choice you can make in each and every moment. What do I choose? Resistance, poverty, suffering, or wealth, allowance, fulfillment?

C: Interesting that you say allowance. Like when I was a kid and I got an allowance from my parents.

G: Wealth has nothing to do with money. Entertain that for today. Wealth has nothing to do with money. And see how your day goes.

My wealth is dependent on my choice of whether to allow or resist.

If anyone out there has actually read this, thank you. Please leave a comment letting me know if any of this has helped you as much as it has helped me. And stay tuned, I’ll have a new post every day. Any questions and feedback will help me navigate what future posts will contain and address.

Thanks again…

Christoph “Kapila”