The MPT (most potent tip) on Writing Blog Posts for Newbies

So you want to write a blog, huh?

You know you have some kind of a message, something you want to share with the world, and this urge to put yourself out there can no longer be ignored?

Yeah, that’s it…

And you don’t really know what to do because you are so fresh on the scene that it’s pointless to pretend you actually know what you are doing and sound like some kind of authority… right?

Umm… yes again.

I mean, there are so many people out there who have undoubtedly already written about exactly what you are wanting to write about that you think:Typewriter

“who am I to add more to what has already been said. It’s already been said. And those other people are famous or have been writing for years, and they’re probably better than me, so who am I to write more about what I want to write about?”

Dear newbie blogger, as my good friend and teacher John Sherman would say:

Here’s the thing…

Just write anyway and don’t give a toss about what anyone will think or say about you or your material.

But what do I write about?

In order to answer that you need to know…

The MPT (most potent tip) on blog writing 

Get rid of the “I” and let writing happen on its own without there to be an “I” to meddle with things.


This “I”, this thinker who we usually believe ourselves to be, is riddled with blockages which will only make writing crappy and boring… or even non-existent. This “I” is a collection of all the critical voices of teachers and parents and the general population of limitation. If you notice that you are thinking about what to say… well you are on the wrong track, “you” are in the way.

This is why my blog’s title is JustGetOutoftheWay, because this wisdom is what has allowed me to … well… get the hell out of my own way and allow for the creative spirit to manifest as an offering to the world.

What to write about really is secondary. It’s not that important because it comes later. The topic comes as a bi-product of the initial entering-in to no-self.

It’s not “your” job

Instead of “you” writing and trying to say something important and clever and meaningful and witty and sharp – something other bloggers will ooh and aah at, you make the “you” (or the “I” because it’s really the same thing isn’t it) into a servant of creative spirit.

What’s the creative spirit?

Just a name for the mystery-Intelligencia, the Shakti, the Holy Spirit, the Divine, which is the force of creation, the force which gives beauty to all things. I’m referring to the force which makes birds sing and musicians play and stars shine. The force which makes us dance and takes over when we make love. The force that conducts symphonies of crickets and frogs on summer nights. This force is the real art-director so to speak, and it can’t do it’s job if “you” are in the way. So… just…get… out…of…the…way… 🙂

This Mystery-Shakti-force is like the master writer, the master wizard, and you… you need to be like the little servant who is getting her tea or coffee and making sure she has enough paper and ink and things to write with. It is not your job to jump on the keyboard and start hammering away… god no! Let her, the supreme creative intelligence do that, help her do that, give Her room to do that.

Of course I am talking about this metaphorically and the space and the Tea and coffee are all inner props to help your mind understand that “you” are a servant of the Divine who needs to be allowed to write.

Remember Mickey Mouse when he was the sorcerer’s apprentice? The sorcerer (i.e. The supreme creative force of which I am referring) knows what he is doing. He knows the spells and potions and has his work to do in the world. Mickey is an apprentice, and a servant of the great sorcerer. His job is to make sure the the sorcerer can do his work by keeping the mystical laboratory clean and taking care of things in that way.

Look what happens when little Mickey tries to be a sorcerer! My god, what a mess! He creates a huge mess because his job is not to cast spells and tinker with magic, his job is to serve the sorcerer.

Luckily the sorcerer comes back and straightens things out.

So if you are in the way and doing things you are not meant to be doing, like writing, then you will most likely make a mess… or just a boring blog post.  But don’t worry, the sorcerer will come back and straighten things out if you let him. When your writing starts to get messy – and nothing’s coming out right, or you just don’t know what to say… just remember what your role is… to support and serve the creative spirit, the Mystery of Not-knowing.

You serve THAT and you will find great joy in writing (non-writing) blog posts and content which will be offerings to the world. Your writing will add fragrance to the bloggersphere and will bless your life, and the lives of your readers.


Set Goals, but don’t let Goals set You

Today was a tough one for me. Dear God, yes it was. And as I look back at my day from my current position in time being 10:32 pm, I have had to ask myself: “why in the hell was this day so hard for me? What did I do to create 4 fights with my wife, make my daughter cry, get myself depressed, overeat, and get so very little accomplished?”

The answer is obvious, and you should know so you may not make the same mistake as often as you may be making it already.

I woke up this morning feeling optimistic and enthused. Only, there was something very wrong. I was filled with a strict agenda, tyranical goals, a schedule, and plans. Recipe for disaster let me tell you.

The thing is, I love schedules and plans and goals and agendas. I actually think they are quite fun. It’s just when they are so strictly enforced and adhered to at the exclusion of the allowance of Life to flow, that they become monsters.

I was so head-bent on accomplishing this goal to work in my various garden jobs for 6 hours a day, that I rushed through my morning meditation, and completely skipped my morning blog-post – which is the activity that feeds me in a major way these days. I skipped right over the human-ness part of my day and went right for the marine corps -style-objective-final-goal. Result – frustration, misery, anger, depression.

At my first job after ignoring my human soul which was aching to express itself and receive guidance and inspiration from the daily blog post, I noticed that I was getting frustrated with the weeds for being in the way. I got frustrated with my puppy dog Charlie and threw him (not hard, but not nice). In fact I was frustrated with just about everything about everything.  I noticed that I just wanted to sit down and write, maybe write my blog post for the day,  and get my mind clear, maybe take a walk — but NO! I had to stay on schedule and accomplish my self-imposed hour quota.

After forcing myself through that job, I went home for lunch and got in a fight with my wife and made my daughter cry. Not cool. All because I was so stressed out to accomplish things I really didn’t want to be doing in the first place. The afternoon job involved digging a loooooooong ditch in the hot afternoon California sun. Also, not cool. Literally.

I got so upset doing this that I dropped the job after a couple of hours, failing at my goal, and feeling guilty and miserable. I went home and again fought with my family, after mack-ing down some ice-cream and coconut sweet bars.

Finally it all got so utterly ridiculous that I just had to laugh. I appologized profusely to my wife and daughter and just gave let the whole control obsession with forcing things to happen dissolve. A window opened up for me to use the family MacBook, and vwallah! Here I am FINALLY doing what I could have done earlier in the day which may have given me that dose of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment that I was craving… even more than ice-cream.

You see, there’s nothing wrong with getting things done. I love my new-found friend the Google Calendar. I love color-coding all the important things I’m going to do this week, and the next, and the next. I love doing my best, and giving my all to accomplish something, but I have to realize that I’m not a damn robot. I have an inner urge to write, to blog, to reach out to others and spread the good news of taking life to the next step of evolution and fulfillment, so ignoring that creates a lack and a bitterness in everything else I do in the day.

Same thing with my morning routine. If I skip meditation time, or rush through it (like I did today) it leaves that same bitterness.

So the message of this blog post is simple. Loosen up. Set goals but don’t let goals set you. Whether it’s writing or playing music, or yoga, or Brazilian JuJitsu, fill yourself first with the things that fill you with joy and purpose and aliveness. Then fulfilling tasks and to-do lists and goals and schedules will be more meaningful and effective.

If I am performing a task or a project with that bitterness and disdain, what good is it doing anybody? I mean really? What’s the point of grinding away with remorse and an unfilfilled desire to be doing something else which probably will be contributing in a more significant way to the world anyway. Even if that other thing doesn’t seem so significant, at least it’s going to be done with love and happiness.

I appreciate your time. Comments are invited and even requested because it helps me hone my style and get clearer at the way I express things. Please contact me with any questions or comments in the comment section below.

I enjoy setting goals while remembering that they are not allowed to set me.
My human-ness and soul stirrings are more important that my ego’s strict agenda.
Goals are an expression of the wholeness and fulfillment that I already am.

Namaste in the Wu Wei…

Wealth has nothing to do with money!

I’m trying to figure out what this blog is actually about. I’m trying to figure out what life is actually about. Is a great lifestyle design and passive income really going to fix this discontent, this fear, the worry that keeps dominating my life? How do I overcome fear?

I’m going to turn this post over to Guidance. G, how do I overcome the fear and the self sabotage that I keep experiencing over and over again? I want to wake up early in the morning and I don’t. I want to not eat at night so I can wake up in the morning and I don’t.

G: Why do you eat like that at night?

C: I eat like that because I feel so nervous and overwhelmed. I eat to numb out and calm down.

G: Is there another way you can learn to calm down?

C: I don’t know. It seems like there must be. But, I know I will over eat again despite substituting eating for something else. I feel like there is something deeper, some root problem that is at the core of all of my self-sabotaging behavior and misery that keeps showing up.

G: There is.

C: What is is?

G: Your suffering is a result of your resistance to what is. Let what is be. Let tiredness be. Let a mess be. Let no money be. Let things be without trying to fix and change every damn thing.

You have the ability to choose whether to resist life and suffer or allow what is and be free.

The choice is always available. The choice is always right here.

This seems really simple because it is. You choose to create suffering. You choose to create worry and stress and fear of all kinds. You can choose to create relief. You can choose to be aligned with what is.

C: But what about the money thing? I can’t pay my bills, I work so hard, and just get more and more behind. I hate my work.

G: Okay. Nice story. First of all wealth has nothing to do with money. This is the key to success. Your lack of finances can just as well be a blessing and a source of wealth if you can choose to see it that way. It is the grasping, the resistance to what is, that creates poverty. You can choose poverty or wealth right now. You can choose wealth now.

One of the greatest obstacles to wealth is in the belief that it is what it is not. Wealth is not chandeliers and perfectly matching china and a perfectly clean house. Wealth is not perfectly matching clothes and money in the bank to travel to Bali. Wealth is not even having a fridge full of food. Wealth is not not having to work. Wealth is not having what you think you want or need.

Wealth is not in having your dream job. Even if you had your dream job you would find something to hate about it in week or so as long as you are still resisting what is. You will spoil everything that is a blessing — in fact you are spoiling everything in your life now by resisting what is. If you were thrown right now into the land of milk and honey with everything you could ever want, you would still be miserable due to your habit of resisting and putting happiness and content in the future. “If only…. when I get that… I need to meet that person…. I need more money….”

Stop raining on your parade dear friend! You already have it all.

Wealth is totally, fully, intimately allowing and embracing this very moment exactly as it is appearing!

There is no other wealth than this! Wealth is in inner way, an inner state where attention is established in gratitude for the miraculous appearance of this present moment manifesting as it is.

Entertain this: You are already wealthy at every moment of everday no matter what is happening.

C: Funny as you say this, the collection agency is calling and I am again ignoring the phone.

G: Entertain this: What you are yearning and wanting and grasping for and striving for, whether it is a spiritual state or a material aquisition, what you are wanting is what is already here. You are what you are wanting. You are and now is the ultimate fulfillment of your desires.

C: This may take some practice.

G: Don’t practice, express. Express and exemplify and demonstrate the freedom and fulfillment that you are. This is the first step. All outer accouterments are of secondary importance to this one choice you can make in each and every moment. What do I choose? Resistance, poverty, suffering, or wealth, allowance, fulfillment?

C: Interesting that you say allowance. Like when I was a kid and I got an allowance from my parents.

G: Wealth has nothing to do with money. Entertain that for today. Wealth has nothing to do with money. And see how your day goes.

My wealth is dependent on my choice of whether to allow or resist.

If anyone out there has actually read this, thank you. Please leave a comment letting me know if any of this has helped you as much as it has helped me. And stay tuned, I’ll have a new post every day. Any questions and feedback will help me navigate what future posts will contain and address.

Thanks again…

Christoph “Kapila”