The greatest gift I can give you…

doorway to spaceI AM…

…not interested in being another blogger out there who promises to make your life better.

I don’t want to promise you everlasting happiness and wealth and provide you with how-to ecourses and ebooks on how to step by step become something or other.
There’s nothing wrong with that stuff, but it’s not my interest at all.

My intention

…is that what you read and experience here will get you to become more aquainted with mystery of timelessness.

What good will that do? you may ask.

The reason I write this is the same reason you read this, is the same reason any of us do anything. All the things we do, the diets we try, the foods we eat, the relationships we stumble into, the Guru’s we follow, the movies we watch, the blogging, the drugs, the adventures… all of it is to get into timelessness.

Timelessness is relief

…from the addiction, the obsessing of future and past and doing and becoming. Timelessness is the relief we are trying to reach in orgasm, in addictions, in TV and movies, internet surfing, career success, meditation, you name it.

The reason we do it is to get relief from the incessant mental engagement of “past-ing” and “future-ing”.
When future is not the primary focus, there arises a great space. When you are no longer strategizing and planning about what you are going to do next, you can actually enjoy the infinite and overwhelming miracle that Life is.

When past is not the primary focus, there arises even more space to actually be alive.

What is left without the psychological neurotic impulse to constantly reject Life by giving it away to a mental dream?

Timelessness. What is left is a Mystery, a wonder, and the end result of all we have always been searching for. Wow.

This is what I offer…

I offer this reminder amidst the sea of wonderful and fascinating banner ads, and e-courses, and video, and how to anything and everything…

…that right here is what we have always been looking for. Right here.

We can act and move and navigate through this world from this knowing, from this remembering. Practicing this is the antidote to grasping and incesant “future-ing”. I can think of nothing that can help you more but this. This is the charm that removes the misery and suffering from life. This is the “pill” we have always been searching for. And it is so simple that it’s easy to pass by…

…after all, it’s just….


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